Another Pearly Wotnot / Tears

A special edition of 25 items taken from the original 100 outlined in their press release below. These 25 are Jaxson Paynes personal collection - packaged in his own way.


Limited to 100 hand-stamped copies with printed inserts, Another Pearly Wotnot / Tears (released by Koept and Damnnsonic) pairs together two opposing musical forces for a unique record.

Zapoppin' are a harmonium, banjo, stomp 'n' snare band from Falmouth. After touring and recording as a 'powerskiffle' three-piece (culminating with the release of 'Antiquarian Party Ballads For Dames' on Serious Types records) the band now exist as a duo whose sound - having been described as abrasive, dynamic, demented and mutoid - has taken them to support slots with Tight Meat, Bob Log III and Way Through, as well as a session on Resonance FM and tours around the UK and Europe.

Jaxson Payne (also from Falmouth and now based in London) is an electronic composer and sound manipulator creating dreamy sequences of fragmented events and filtered memories. Taking carefully considered sounds from various recordings (often from vocal chorus), Jaxson plays with the pitch, direction and alters the sense of space and confinement of these extracts. After treatment the sounds get re-shaped by filters, repetition, volume control and morphed into a strange yet familiar new narrative.

Another Pearly Wotnot / Tears contains one original piece of music from both artists alongside reworked versions.

The short harmonium instrumental 'Another Pearly Wotnot' is slowed down in Jaxson Payne's epic mix and suspended in the deep echo of space with additional eerie voices emerging from the rich groans and tones.

'Tears' is a mournful piece dealing with the sadness of loss and that unbelievable feeling when the things we hold close and love take flight and leave us forever. Zapoppin's entirely new reworking takes the only lyric from the electronic original, 'My love has flown away' and escalates it to an anthem like music-hall lament that will take residence in your head (and we hope you'll be happy for it to do so).

Jaxson Payne
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