Resound 2011

15 white pieces of card folded in half and stamped with APOSTATIC.NET containing a CDr.

These disks were produced to mark the event of Apostatic.nets involvement within the 'Koept at the Stuart Stephens Memorial Hall for Infant Welfare' during Resound Falmouth 2011.

Leisure Time Explosion

100 items packaged in a handmade, numbered card sleeve with a screen printed track listing. Each copy features a collage on the cover made from vintage 1960s/1970s postcards. Each unique collage depicts empty looking people amongst sun loungers and parasols beside Technicolor swimming pools.


The title for this project is borrowed from cold-war era ideology.

This Way Tipler

An unlimited edition of One-Offs - currently only 12 in existence.

This black compact disk comes packaged within a certificate explaining that it is one of a kind and has remained unheard even by its creator.

You will be the first to hear a never ending forever changing form of computer generated sound. It is currently captured in one hour sections in complete silence. Each section is cut and paste onto disc ensuring that your version is one of a kind.


Limited to 100 CDr each one housed in a handmade, numbered card sleeve.


Above the northern-most point of Norway, alone in the vast freezing Arctic Ocean and far from civilisation, is a tiny island of ice and snow called Hopen. A weather station with a staff of four persons is the only sign of life on this barren and bitterly cold island. The four solitary staff carry out meteorological observations, as well as maintenance of the station.