Limited to 100 CDr each one housed in a handmade, numbered card sleeve.


Above the northern-most point of Norway, alone in the vast freezing Arctic Ocean and far from civilisation, is a tiny island of ice and snow called Hopen. A weather station with a staff of four persons is the only sign of life on this barren and bitterly cold island. The four solitary staff carry out meteorological observations, as well as maintenance of the station.

Hopen sets the scene for this magical piece of music by Jaxson Payne. Divided into eighteen short compositions, this beautifully atmospheric music flows dreamily from start to finish, provoking images of crisp white snow-covered landscapes in the listener's head. Chimes and sleigh bells weave in and out amongst delayed melodies that drip like icicles inside a frozen cave. Haunting choirs carried on biting winds drift by from other worlds. Festive brass and organs gently add warmth, while detuned radio waves momentarily caught, then lost, offer hope of humanity somewhere out there.

Jaxson Payne
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