Leisure Time Explosion

100 items packaged in a handmade, numbered card sleeve with a screen printed track listing. Each copy features a collage on the cover made from vintage 1960s/1970s postcards. Each unique collage depicts empty looking people amongst sun loungers and parasols beside Technicolor swimming pools.


The title for this project is borrowed from cold-war era ideology.

With advances in technology replacing the need to undertake day to day chores, people had far more leisure time. 1960s images and advertising sold promise of a new indulgence: a modern dream of a lavish lifestyle in the sun.

The staged atmosphere and imposing, enclosed surroundings found in much of this imagery holds an uneasy emptiness...

Would the dream of endless holiday resorts, cruise liners and extravagances live up to expectations?

Or would people feel trapped, unable to escape the emptiness of a shallow, detached existence?

At points Leisure Time Explosion is a blur of hazy golden sunshine, lazy daydreams, kites flying, distant children playing with balloons, happy camp-sites and happy families. Cascading violins, shimmering synthetic melodies and colourful cymbal swells float upward on a warm summer breeze. Only to sink back down to a strange twilight place of postcard memories, mournful guitar drones and teenage doo-wop sadness.

Jaxson Payne
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